The following School of Government sponsored programs offer varying hours of continuing legal education (CLE) credit. North Carolina attorneys must take 12 hours of approved CLE per year, two of which must be in the area of professional responsibility or professional development or any combination thereof. For additional information about CLE requirements, please visit the North Carolina State Bar's website at (If you are a member of the North Carolina State Bar and are interested in obtaining CLE credit for other School of Government programs that have not been preapproved for CLE credit, visit to download a Bar Member's Application for CLE Credit. Bar Members may apply for CLE credit before taking a program or after completing the program.)

Please note that certain programs below may not be open to the general public and/or all attorneys, as they target specific client groups. For more information about these programs—including the number and type of CLE hours offered—please contact the respective program manager listed on the course website(s).


 Type     Program CLE Hours For More Information
   (ETHICS)   The Attorney-Client Relationship: Building Effective Relationships with Parents 1.0
  Collatoral Consequences of a Delinquency Action .50
  Contempt of Court .50
   (ETHICS) Down But Not Out: The Duty of Zealous Advocacy in Parent Representation .75
  Involuntary Commitment Process 1.25
  Preparing Good Court Orders (Webinar On-Demand) 1.75
  The Law of Contempt .75
  TPR in North Carolina: Grounds .50
  2014 Summer Criminal Law Webinar:  Case and Legislative Update 1.5
  2013 Winter Criminal Law Webinar:  Case and Legislative Update 1.5
  2012 Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction 1.0  
  2011 The Justice Reinvestment Act 1.75
  2011 Criminal Law "Lunchinar" Series, Part III:  Race & the Criminal Justice System 1.25
  Basics of Driving While Impaired: Elements, Sentencing and Motions Practice .50
  Collateral Consequences of an Adjudication .50
  Contempt of Court .50
  Custody, Waiver of Miranda Rights, and Coerced Confessions .75
  Crawford and Confrontation Clause Illuminated 1.0
  Delinquency Dispositions, Module 1:  The Nature of Delinquency Proceedings .25
  Delinquency Dispositions, Module 3:  Determining Dispositional Options .5
  Developing an Investigation and Discovery Plan .5
  Jail Credit and Sentencing in District Court 1.0
  Justice Reinvestment Act Primer 1.0
  The Justice Reinvestment Act:  Frequently Asked Questions 1.0
  Overview of Delinquency Court in North Carolina 1.0
  Preparing Your Delinquency Defense .75
  Probation Violations 1.0
  Risk-Needs Assessment of North Carolina Probationers 1.25
  Sentencing in Superior Court 1.0
   (ETHICS) Reasoning with Unreasonable Clients 1.0
  Digital Forensics for Attorneys 1.0
  Electronic Evidence .75
  Fundamentals of State Crime Laboratory Forensic Science 5.75
  Presumptive and Confirmatory Forensic Tests .50
 (For those in Practice) Reinventing How You Practice:  Less Stress, More Vibrancy, and and Understanding of Compassion Fatigue in the Legal Profession 1.0
  (Regarding Clients) Mental Health Treatment .75
  Practical Psychiatry for Lawyers 1.25
  Understanding Addiction and Drugs of Abuse .75
GENERAL ABCs of RFPs and Contracts .50
      (All programs are held at UNC's School of Government   in Chapel Hill, unless otherwise noted)    


December   Program CLE   For More Information
11-12                    (2.0 ETHICS) Public Law for the Public's Lawyers (VIDEO) 9.0

12 Winter Criminal Law Webinar 1.5
January   Program CLE   For More Information
22 Guardianship Proceedings for Appointed Counsel  TBA
23 Civil Commitment Conference TBA
February   Program CLE   For More Information
25-27 New Felony Defender Training TBA
March   Program CLE   For More Information
11-13 New Parent Defender Training TBA
May   Program CLE   For More Information
13-15 Spring Public Defender Attorney and Investigator Conference (Concord, NC) TBA
June   Program CLE   For More Information

Summer Criminal Law Webinar


July   Program CLE   For More Information
13-17 Defender Trial School TBA

August   Program CLE   For More Information
13 Parent Attorney Conference TBA Coming Soon
14 Juvenile Defender Conference TBA

Coming Soon

September Program CLE For More Information
15-18 New Misdemeanor Defender Training TBA Coming Soon
October Program CLE For More Information
14-16 Basic Appellate Advocacy Training TBA Coming Soon



For general information about courses offering continuing legal education credit at the School of Government, at 919.966.4227.