North Carolina Legislation 2006

North Carolina Legislation 2006 summarizes acts of the 2006 session of the North Carolina General Assembly of interest to state and local officials served by the School of Government. Electronic versions of the chapters are below. The School of Government copyright applies to these chapters. The information in many of these chapters is available as printed bulletins for specific legal subject areas. Some of these bulletins contain more detailed information about legal changes affecting the subject area. For information about the availability of such bulletins, and the print version of North Carolina Legislation 2006, contact the School of Government . To further investigate bills referred to in these chapters, explore the North Carolina General Assembly Web site. Each chapter, when available, can be viewed in PDF using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

NC Legislation Main Page

  • Editor's Preface: pdf
  • Table of Contents: pdf
  • Chapter 1, The General Assembly: pdf
  • Chapter 2, The State Budget: pdf
  • Chapter 3, Alcoholic Beverage Control: pdf
  • Chapter 4, Children and Juvenile Law: pdf
  • Chapter 5, Community Planning, Land Development,
    and Related Topics: pdf
  • Chapter 6, Courts and Civil Procedure: pdf
  • Chapter 7, Criminal Law and Procedure: pdf
  • Chapter 8, Economic and Community Development: pdf
  • Chapter 9, Elections: pdf
  • Chapter 10, Elementary and Secondary Education: pdf
  • Chapter 11, Emergency Management: pdf
  • Chapter 12, Environment and Natural Resources: pdf
  • Chapter 13, Health: pdf
  • Chapter 14, Higher Education: pdf
  • Chapter 15, Local Government and Local Finance: pdf
  • Chapter 16, Local Taxes and Tax Collection: pdf
  • Chapter 17, Mental Health: pdf
  • Chapter 18, Miscellaneous: pdf
  • Chapter 19, Motor Vehicles: pdf
  • Chapter 20, Public Employment: pdf
  • Chapter 21, Public Purchasing and Contracting: pdf
  • Chapter 22, Registers of Deeds, Land Records,
    and Notaries: pdf
  • Chapter 23, Senior Citizens: pdf
  • Chapter 24, Social Services: pdf
  • Chapter 25, State Government Ethics and Lobbying: pdf
  • Chapter 26, State Taxation: pdf