Public Records Law Series (Webinar On-Demand)


Public records laws affect all local government officials and employees regardless of their job duties. Obligations under the laws include not only providing access to records, but also maintaining and retaining records, redacting records, and protecting confidential information. These obligations vary greatly based on the type of public records involved. To help local governments satisfy their public records obligations, the School of Government is offering a series of five interactive webinars focusing on different aspects of this complicated and confusing area of law. 

Each webinar will offer value to a variety of local government officials and employees. In particular, attorneys, managers, clerks, department heads, and elected officials will benefit from all five webinars.

The first webinar will offer an overview of public records laws that will be important to all local government officials and employees regardless of job title or responsibilities. The remaining four webinars will each focus on a particular aspect of public records law that may especially valuable for particular local government staff.

The records retention webinar will be of particular interest to department heads and information technology staff. The personnel records webinar will be especially valuable for human resources staff. The tax, finance, economic development and contracting webinar will of course be aimed primarily at staff working in those areas. The final webinar focusing on attorney communications obviously will be helpful for local government attorneys but also for clerks and elected officials.

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