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Internet sweepstakes businesses continue to mushroom across the state as court cases challenging local and state regulation of these businesses wind through the courts.  Join School of Government experts from the fields of criminal law, zoning, and tax for an update on the court cases involving internet sweepstakes businesses and advice on how local governments can respond to the proliferation of the pseudo-gambling establishments. 

The decision by the N.C. Supreme Court last month to uphold the ban on video sweepstakes has raised more questions than it answered.  Immediately after the decision was released, a number of sweepstakes operators announced that they would be tweaking their systems to conform with the newly effective law.  It seems likely that many of these businesses will remain open unless and until a court rules that their new systems are also illegal.  If so, then zoning and taxation questions remain important.  And for those sweepstakes businesses that do close, questions about possible tax refunds will arise.  

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This webinar was recorded January 16, 2013. Webinar participants will see PowerPoint slides and listen to recorded audio. The PowerPoint slides are availabe in pdf above.

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