Image of Emily Roscoe

Emily Roscoe

Legal and Policy Research Associate

As the legal and policy research associate at the School of Government, Emily Roscoe works and researches at the intersection of law, government, and information.

She began working in state government writing policies about public records management. Since 2010, she has been an advisor to the North Carolina Registers of Deeds Association on a variety of information management issues, including the drafting of new regulatory minimum indexing standards for real property instruments. She has managed a federal grant for the development of public information professionals and a state project for the digitization of primary legal resources.

Previously, Roscoe worked in various capacities at the UNC Law Library, particularly in reference and faculty research support. Since 2016, she has taught undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Information and Library Science in various courses for which she was awarded the department teaching award in 2020. Her doctoral research was about legal liability risks for public collecting institutions like libraries and archives.

Roscoe earned an MPA, J.D., and Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Selected Publications

Roscoe, E. and Szypszak, C. Stare Decisis and Information Abundance in a Common Law Jurisdiction, 49 Review of European and Comparative Law 7 (2022)

Roscoe, E. and Szypszak, C. Herein Lies the Rub with Comparative Law Research – From an American Perspective, 27 Comparative Law Review 105 (2021)

Roscoe, E. Potential of Legal Liability for Collecting Institutions: An Empirical Study of Legal Claims Involving Collecting Institutions and a Comparison with How Legal Issues are Included in LIS Graduate Curricula (Dissertation)

Szypszak, C. and Roscoe, E. Privacy and Public Real Estate Records: Preserving Legacy System Reliability Against Modern Threats, 49 The Urban Lawyer 355 (2017)

Szypszak, C. and Roscoe, E. Registers' Public Records in the Digital EraUNC School of Government Land Records Bulletin #34 (Nov. 2010)

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