Course Changes Related to COVID-19

Tips for presenting the spread of coronavirus

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a team working diligently to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and to maintain the safety and well-being of our community.  As we do with inclement weather or other emergency situations, the School is following the University’s lead and adjusting our in-person courses according to University programming guidelines.

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The School of Government is working to transition our courses to an online format. As of June 24th, 2021, the following School of Government (or partner) programs have been affected: 

Municipal and County Administration will be held virtually via Zoom beginning in October 2020 and continuing through May 2021. The application period will begin mid-late July. For more detailed information, please visit the  course page here

The Cornavirus in the Workplace: A Primer for NC Local Governments live webinars took place on March 18. As of March 19, the on-demand version is available here.

Advanced Leadership Corps (January 31-February 5) has been rescheduled for August 1-6, 2021.

The Center for Public Leadership and Governance will offer 5 new Fundamental Supervisory Practices programs this Spring. The dates will be February 8-12, 2021 & February 22-25, 2021; March 8-12, 2021 & March 22-25, 2021; April 5-9, 2021 & April 19-22, 2021; May 3-7, 2021 & May 17-20, 2021; and June 7-11, 2021 & June 21-24, 2021.

Strategic Planning: Linking Strategies to Your Budget (September 17, 2021) has been retitled Strategic Planning: Linking Strategies to Results. It will take place via Zoom. 

Leading the Way to Board Excellence (March-June 2021) is being rescheduled under a new name: LELA 401: Leading the Way to Board Excellence. It will be held in Asheville from August 19-20; September 23-24; October 21-22; and November 18-19, 2021. 

Legal Competency for Local Elected Officials (July 23, 2021) has been cancelled.

The NCCCMA Summer Seminar will take place at the Beaufort Hotel from June 23-26, 2021.

Design for Diversity: What's Holding You Back? (June 24, 2021) will be held online via Zoom.

The myFutureNC Local Educational Attainment Collaborative Kickoff Webinar will take place via Zoom on June 24, 2021.

A new program, LELA 201: Communicating in Crises - From Pandemics to Protests, will take place via Zoom on July 16, 2021.

The Advanced Leadership Corps Ambassador Program will be August 5-6, 2021.

The Public Executive Leadership Academy (July 12-August 13, 2021) will now take place online from August 16-19 and August 23-24, with an in-person portion in Chapel Hill occuring from September 20-24.

LELA 201: Tools for Persuasive Speaking (August 20, 2021) has been rescheduled for August 27, 2021.

The first forum of the myFutureNC Local Educational Attainment Collaboratives will take place in Chapel Hill from August 31-September 1, 2021.

A newly titled program, Strategic Planning in Local Government, will take place via Zoom on September 15, 2021.

A newly titled program, Rumor Control and Controversy: Effective Communications in Troubled Times, will take place via Zoom on October 8, 2021. 

Work with Citizen Advisory Committees and Boards (October 22, 2021) has been rescheduled for October 8, 2021. Its format will change from Zoom to in-person at the Knapp-Sanders Building.

A newly titled program, Performance Management in Local Governemnt, will take place via Zoom on October 22, 2021.

A new Top 10 Primer - Law Enforcement, Jail, and the Courts - will take place zia Zoom on October 29, 2021.

The second week of the November offering of Fundamental Supervisory Practices (November 15-19) will now run November 15-18. 

Process Improvement Techniques (November 18, 2021) has been cancelled. 

Additional information:

We are encouraging all faculty, staff, partners, and course participants to promote everyone’s safety through the following measures: 

  1. If you feel unwell from any illness by the time your course starts, we encourage you to stay home and focus on your health.

  2. The University is requesting that anyone returning from Level 3 and 2 countries or any locations within the United States where a state of emergency has been declared related to COVID-19 to stay off of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus for 14 days.

  3. We have temporarily amended our course cancelation policy. From March through May, we will refund any course registration fees for cancellations occurring through the day before a course is set to begin.

  4. We are exploring the possibility of livestreaming courses for participants who request to do so remotely.

We will continue to be in touch about these and other adjustments to our courses going forward. It is important to us to maintain a high level of service to you while at the same time not compromising the health of those in our immediate surroundings. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 919.966.4414 or with any questions or concerns.

For local governments and public officials responding to COVID-19, the School has compiled resources and information