Leadership Principles Using A 360 Review

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Leadership is not about the title, position, or rank.  Leadership is about what you do. How well do you know yourself as a leader?  How do others view you?  What behaviors can you adopt so that your leadership style synchs with what we most admire in our leaders?

This intensive and highly interactive two-day course is based on Kouzes and Posner’s evidence-based leadership model, The Leadership Challenge. A 360 feedback instrument helps you understand how others perceive the frequency of your leadership behaviors.  The leadership framework teaches specific, learnable behaviors that you can adopt to inspire commitment to a shared vision, build collaboration, teamwork and trust, and lead others to accept challenges and embrace change.

The program is taught by Donna Warner, a certified master in The Leadership Challenge, and is priced at $1200 for two days of instruction. The registration fee covers materials, assessments, and two hours of personalized, one-on-one follow up coaching to help apply principles to your individual challenges and situations.

There currently are no scheduled offerings of this course.
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