LELA 201 Rumor Control and Controversy: Effective Communications in Troubled Times

LELA 201 Rumor Control and Controversy: Effective Communications in Troubled Times will be held October 8, 2021 ONLINE via Zoom. The class begins at 10:00 a.m. and concludes at 12:00 p.m.

The world of politics is fraught with controversy and rumor. Some would say rumor and controversy are pillars of democracy; others would say they are signs of government gone amok. Regardless of the catalyst event, in the absence of facts surrounding a controversial situation, people make up their own stories and the rumor mill cranks up. Rumors become the de facto reality.  

Timely, factual, and empathetic sharing of key information is an effective communication skill that helps control misinformation and suspicion. Maintaining the public’s trust in your ability to lead and govern is key. In this class, elected officials will learn the skills needed to communicate with the public effectively in troubled times. 

This session will cover creative ways to get the facts out there (including but not limited to the media), identifying key audiences and effectively messaging to them, ensuring that you control the narrative, and finding the best tone for a constructive discourse in the midst of a controversy and over the long term.  

Your instructor, Mark Weaver, uses questions, real life examples, stories, interactive exercises, vivid images & videos to underscore the points about this complex topic. To learn more about Mark, see his bio here.  

LELA2.00 hrs
  • Online
    October 8
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