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The Leading for Results course for Cohort 1 of LGFCU Fellows has been canceled, with all participants invited to participate in Cohort 2 or a session in 2019.

The Effective Supervisory Management Program course to be held Sept. 17-21 has been canceled.

The Development Finance Toolbox course to be held Sept. 18-19 has been canceled.

The first week of Municipal and County Administration to be held Sept. 18-21 has been postponed.

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Amending Local Development Regulations

Adopting and Amending the Ordinance

This module reviews how local government boards make, adopt, amend, and repeal development regulations (with a particular focus on amending the zoning ordinance). Despite this focus, all of the legal requirements reviewed also apply to the adoption and repeal of regulations. After completing this module, viewers will understand: how ordinance amendments are initiated, the role of the planning board in review of proposed amendments, requirements for advertising and conducting public hearings, factors that can and cannot be considered for decisions, and voting requirements for governing boards making these decisions.

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