Redistricting for Local Governments after the 2020 Census

Due to COVID-19 precautions and travel restrictions, this course will be held in an online format using Zoom. The course will feature some asynchronous content, such as pre-recorded video segments, and synchronous live sessions with instructors.

Across North Carolina, many cities, counties, and school units elect the members of their governing boards from districts. For most of them, the 2020 census will bring the requirement of redistricting—a task that can be legally challenging (as well as politically daunting).

In this one-day program via Zoom, we will look at the following:

  • Census data: how you get it and how you use it
  • One-person-one-vote: the law of equal protection
  • The Voting Rights Act: the use of race in drawing districts
  • The law of the politics of redistricting: incumbent protection and party representation
  • The practicalities of drawing district lines: consultants, lawyers, software, and procedures
  • Timelines: when you must act

Additional information

Attendees: City and county managers, city and county attorneys, school superintendents, school attorneys, city and county GIS directors, election directors from local governments that elect from districts.

For a short introduction, watch this video



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