Digital Forensics for Attorneys

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Friday, May 25, 2012 - 12:00pm
This online program provides an overview of digital forensic concepts, case examples, and relevant terminology. Attorneys will learn the basic information needed to understand the process of computer and cell phone forensics; the primary areas of focus in digital forensics; and the proper methods for search and seizure of electronic evidence. Larry Daniel, a digital forensics expert, discusses document metadata as well as the capabilities of computer forensic data recovery in the areas of email, internet history, documents, and pictures. Daniel provides answers to common questions, such as: What is a forensic copy of a hard drive? What kind of information can be recovered? How do I know if the evidence was properly obtained and preserved? What is a computer forensics expert and what expectations should an attorney expect from such an expert? Recorded at School of Government May 2012.
Larry Daniel, Digital Forensics Expert, Guardian Digital Forensics
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Digital Forensics for Attorneys: An Overview of Digital Forensics
June, 2012

Presentation slides accompanying the online module Developing an Investigation & Discovery Plan.

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