Ethics for Local Elected Officials Live and On-Demand Webinars

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 10:00am

If you purchased the live webinar you will receive the link to the On Demand version automatically, when it becomes available.  You do not have to purchase it again.    

This is the webpage for the On Demand Webinars for Ethics training for local elected city and county governing board members. These webinars satisfy the 2 clock hours of local ethics training required by state law for elected and appointed members of city councils and county boards of commissioners. This training MUST be completed within 12 months of election day and is required every time they are elected, re-elected or appointed and reappointed to a local office. 

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR:  The ON-DEMAND webinar will be available for purchase from this page June-October 2018 in each year.  The price for the On-Demand webinar is $150 and may be purchased separately from the Live Webinar.  The On-Demand Webinar may be viewed by your entire board, either together or individually, as many times as needed from any desktop/laptop before October 31st (phones and tablets do not always work).  After October 31st, the next online opportunity will be May of the following year, but keep in mind that members who are required to complete ethics training THIS year will not be compliant with the law if they wait until May of next year.

What you need to know before you purchase:

A. Webinars are non-refundable once purchased so purchase carefully.

B. Who this training does NOT cover: 

Individuals serving on state boards subject to the State Government Ethics Act (SGEA): Local elected officials who also serve on a state board that is subject to the State Government Ethics Act (SGEA), including local community college boards, are required to take ethics training that is offered through the State Ethics Commission.  The SOG ethics-training program for local elected officials does NOT satisfy the state ethics training, and the state ethics training does NOT satisfy the local elected official ethics-training which is offered through this page.  Consequently, local elected officials who also serve on a state board subject to the SGEA, must take both the state and the local ethics training programs.  Officials who need to complete state ethics training should:

  • Contact their board's ethics liaison for training, or
  • Complete the online training available on State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement (formerly the State Ethics Commission) website:

Local ABC Boards: For individuals who serve on a local ABC board, separate training is required.  The SOG ethics training program for local elected officials does NOT satisfy the local ABC Board training, and the local ABC Board training does NOT satisfy the local elected officials ethic training. Here is the link to the webinar page for local ABC Boards.

School Boards: Please contact the NC School Boards Association for further information.

C. Board notice of a public meeting:

Boards are advised to give public notice of a special meeting for ethics training sessions if a majority of the board might be in attendance at the event. This is in keeping with the spirit of the ethics law, and out of an abundance of caution concerning the legal requirements for board meetings.

Purchasing the Webinar 

A. Who should purchase from your unit:

  • The person coordinating the webinar should be the one to purchase it in his/her name. This person will be responsible for receiving the access link which is sent to the email address used to purchase the webinars. 
  • Is your board attorney or a member of your board who is an attorney watching the webinar? The NC State Bar requires attorneys who wish to claim CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credit to purchase the webinar separately in their name, and to self-report to the State Bard for CLE credit. 
  • Do you have to purchase the webinars for each person watching from your board? No. Purchase the webinar one time for your unit (except for attorneys noted above). Our shopping cart indicates you should purchase a course separately for each person attending. This does not apply to these webinars.
  • Adding and to your contacts will increase the chance of the email getting through. 

If you need a receipt, make sure you print the confirmation page at the end of the purchase process. Our registration department can also provide a receipt/invoice if you need one.

Issues with purchasing?  Simply email our registration department directly at for issues with the registration/purchase process, passwords, or logging in. Provide your phone number and brief summary of your issue and someone from that department will contact you shortly. This is the fastest way to get assistance as there are multiple people in that department who can respond to you quickly.

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