NC Local Public Health and Human Services: What Might New Legislation Mean for Your County?

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Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 8:00pm

Recently enacted legislation gave county commissioners new options for organizing and governing county human services agencies. Under the new law, a board of county commissioners may assume the powers and duties of its local human services boards, create a consolidated human services agency, or take both actions--form a consolidated human services agency and serve directly as its board.For more information on the new law, visit (see "Legislative Updates").

During this webinar, School of Government faculty members will describe the new legislation and answer questions that counties may have, such as:

  • Which local boards may be abolished under this law?
  • If a board of commissioners assumes the role of the board of health or social services board, what responsibilities does it acquire?
  • Which local agencies may be consolidated? What is the procedure for assuming the duties of a local board or creating a consolidated human services agency?
  • If a consolidated agency is created, what is the effect on employees?

A significant amount of time during the program will be reserved for questions from participants. After the webinar and throughout Fall 2012, the School plans to continue working with local leaders across the state as they either begin or build upon local conversations about their approach to the delivery of human services.For more information about the School's plan to offer free facilitation services to interested counties, visit (see "Facilitated Discussions"). Support for this webinar was provided in part by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

1.50 hours

Faculty Coordinator

individual image for Aimee N. Wall
Senior Associate Dean; Professor of Public Law and Government
August, 2012
What Might New Legislation Mean For Your County? (What Might New Legislation Mean For Your County?, 3.30 MB)
Organization and Governance of Local Public Health & Other Human Services Agencies: Summary of S.L. 2012-126 (H 438)
Jill D. Moore
February, 2012
Session Law 2012-126, House Bill 438
February, 2012
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Program Manager, Leadership Group
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Faculty Coordinator

individual image for Aimee N. Wall
Senior Associate Dean; Professor of Public Law and Government
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