Zoning Practice

    The School of Government is streamlining courses in Planning and Development Regulation for the 2020/21 academic year. Given the requirements for remote learning and the need for efficiency, we are adjusting our normal slate of courses into three essential courses: Planning and Development Regulation 1, 2, and 3. 

    Please click HERE to register and for more information about the new certification curriculum.


    PDR1: Development Ordinances ONLINE October 5 - 16, 2020 Cost: $425*

    (Equivalent to Zoning Practice)
    Addressing the legal framework for planning and development regulations in North Carolina, this course covers statutory authority, constitutional limits, and rules for decision-making such as quasi-judicial procedures. Additionally, this course covers jurisdictional topics such as annexation and extraterritorial jurisdiction as well as comprehensive planning.    


    PDR2: Plans, Plats & Permits  ONLINE November 30 – December 11, 2020 Cost: $425*

    (Equivalent to Zoning Official Certification Week 1 and incorporating topics from Subdivision Practice) 
    Addressing the policies and practices of land development permitting, this course covers permitting authority, site plan and subdivision review, and development standards. Additionally, this course covers development exactions and growth management.    


    PDR3: Land Use Administration ONLINE January 11 – 22, 2021 Cost: $425*

    (Equivalent to Zoning Official Certification Week 2)
    Addressing the legal and practical considerations of administering development regulations, this course covers inspections and enforcement, interpreting the ordinance, and other duties of the zoning officer. Additionally, this course covers liability, conflicts, and open governance obligations

     *Participants may register for all three courses at a discounted rate of $1230 (full price = $1275).

    Please click HERE to register and for more information about the new certification curriculum.


    So what do I need to take?

    “I am seeking certification.” Take all three courses, PDR 1, 2, and 3.

    “But I already took Foundations.” Each course builds upon the topics covered in Foundations, but none is an equivalent to Foundations. You should plan to take all three courses.

    “But I already took Zoning Practice.” If you have completed Zoning Practice, you do not need to take PDR 1, but you may if desired.

    “I wanted to take Subdivision Practice.” Take PRD 2. The topics of Subdivision Practice are incorporated into PDR 2.

    Additional information


    CZO Certification: For more information regarding criteria and maintenance for CZO certification, visit NCAZO.org.

    CZO Certification Manual-click here

    Planning and Development Regulation Resource Site:
    The Site focuses on planning and land use law issues within the state of North Carolina. The resourse website contains links to external resource sites, recent blogs, hot topics, the new Bill List for 2013, a link to sign up for the NCPlan Listserv, publications and course information. Click this link: NC Planning

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