Abuse, Neglect, Dependency, and Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings in North Carolina, February 2022 (paperback)

Friday, April 15, 2022
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This Manual is written for legal professionals involved in abuse, neglect, dependency, and related termination of parental rights proceedings in North Carolina. It provides easily accessible information about the laws, procedures, and concepts that apply to these proceedings. Topics are organized into fourteen chapters, addressing the different stages of these proceedings from a report of suspected abuse, neglect, or dependency through the achievement of a permanent plan for the child, as well as an overview of North Carolina’s child welfare system, jurisdictional issues, evidence, appeals, confidentiality, and applicable federal laws. Each chapter combines applicable statutes, relevant case summaries, additional resources, and practical explanations.  Nine checklists address the various types of hearings that are involved in these proceedings.

The February 2022 edition updates the 2019 edition. In this new edition, 198 North Carolina appellate opinions from January 1, 2020 through February 15, 2022 and significant legislative changes made in 2021 have been added.

Production of this Manual was made possible with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Administration for Children and Families, and the Court Improvement Program of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts.

To view the February 2022 edition of this Manual online, free of charge, please visit the Abuse, Neglect, Dependency, and Termination of Parental Rights microsite, here. Note that the 2019 edition is currently posted. The February 2022 edition is expected to be posted sometime the week of March 7, 2022.

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Friday, April 15, 2022
Sara DePasquale
February 2022
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