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PDF Download Item: North Carolina Clerk of Superior Court Procedures Manual, 2012 Edition: Volume Two

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Click here to preview an excerpt from Volume 2, Part VI–Estates, Guardianships and Trusts, “Wills Deposited for Safekeeping” (September 2010).

North Carolina Clerk of Superior Court Procedures Manual, 2012 Edition is designed as a reference for clerks of superior court in North Carolina and their assistants and deputies. Although broad in scope, it does not attempt to deal with all duties of the clerk. It primarily sets out the law related to most judicial proceedings that clerks conduct.

Volume One covers criminal procedures, civil procedures, courtroom procedures, and child support. Volume Two covers estates, guardianships and trusts; and special proceedings such as foreclosures, real property, motor vehicle liens, and more.

You may also order Volume One individually, as a separate PDF, or order a complete set of both volumes in PDF format.

This edition updates and replaces the previous edition published in 2003. It is not available in hard copy format.

This publication may be downloaded for personal use by an individual but may not be reproduced or redistributed in quantities greater than “fair use” permits under copyright law without the express written permission of the School of Government.

PDF Instructions: You will be allowed to download and save/view a PDF 4 separate times; after the 4th time the PDF will no longer be available in your personal Downloads folder in the School of Government Web Store. Please SAVE your PDF to your local/personal hard drive or a disk for continuous viewing.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Ann M. Anderson
Joan G. Brannon
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Public Officials - Courts and Judicial Administration Roles
Topics - Local and State Government