Elected Board Retreats

Do-It-Yourself Retreats

Conducting Your Retreat

Retreating from the normal course of business allows you a more relaxed setting and encourages one to think strategically. This is your chance to consider how and why you do your work as a board. Ideally, participants will have open and frank discussion about critical issues facing their community and their working relationships. Both substance and process are important to getting your work done. A retreat should be a balance of how you work and what you want to accomplish.

What can a retreat achieve?1

A well-conceived, well-designed, well-run retreat can achieve the following goals:

  • Help change your organization's or community's strategic direction
  • Generate new solutions for old problems
  • Get everyone pulling in the same direction
  • Help people feel heard about issues that matter to them
  • Deal with sources of overt or buried conflict
  • Allow colleagues to get to know and come to trust one another
  • Foster new ways of working together
  • Help people see things in new ways and envision new possibilities for themselves and the organization
  • Create a common frame of reference on past events and future expectations
  • Contribute to creating a new and healthier culture for the organization
  • Encourage people to take risks that are necessary for the organization to thrive

  1. From "Retreats that Work: Designing and Conducting Effective Offsites for Groups and Organizations"

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