Leading for Results LGFCU Fellows

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply? Qualified candidates include local government department heads, supervisors, heads of special projects, fairly new managers of small jurisdictions, or assistant managers of larger jurisdictions. These statements should help you decide if this class is right for you:

  1. I want to gain more leadership and organizational skills to improve my organization’s performance and effectiveness. 

  2. I supervise staff and resources that are critical to serving our community either directly or indirectly. 

  3. While I have several years of technical or functional experience, I am looking to gain additional leadership skills.

  4. I am committed to creating higher performing structures, people and process in my organization.

  5. I am committed to public service. 

If you agree with most of these statements, this program would likely be a good fit for you. Please read below for more information.

Should I attend this class or another School of Government program such as Effective Supervisory Management Program (ESMP) or Public Executive Leadership Academy (PELA)? Effective Supervisory Management Program (ESMP) is designed to provide foundational and essential supervisory management skills and practices. Leading for Results focuses on developing organizational leadership skills.  Public Executive Leadership Academy (PELA) focuses on providing participants to lead and manage change in the their communities

What is covered in this course? Click HERE for a general agenda. Please note that among other details, specific times may vary per cohort.

What does it mean to be an LGFCU Fellow? Fellows are high performing individuals in a variety of positions from across the state who have been identified as emerging leaders in NC local governments. Click HERE for a complete list of alumni. Each fellow is selected from a competitive process. As a fellow, participants will experience a unique School of Government program focusing on developing their leadership skills to better serve their organizations. Course content will include in class learning, personal assessments and professional coaching. Acceptance as an LGFCU Fellow is a unique opportunity to:

  • Receive one-on-one professional coaching

  • Develop critical leadership goals

  • Gain feedback on how others perceive you as a leader

  • Learn to think strategically and solve problems creatively

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Learn to build and motive your team

  • Explore leadership from both personal and organizational perspectives.

What will coaching involve? Each Fellow is assigned a professional coach.These coaches provide a one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on putting the course content into action. Fellows can use coaches as thinking partners for specific issues or for applying broader course concepts. Coaches are available to answer questions, provide accountability to Fellows in applying the content, and guide Fellows in developing personal action plans.

What does it cost? Thank you to support from the Local Government Federal Credit Union, tuition is free for those accepted as Fellows. Participants are expected to cover travel fees and some meals (dinners).  

Is attendance mandatory?  Yes. Participants are expected to attend all sessions including evening events. Each session includes 1-2 evening events that are content critical. There are two offerings of this program in 2020. If you cannot attend all sessions of a cohort, you will have an opportunity in the application to choose a preference for another cohort.   

Can I makeup sessions in another cohort or offering?  No. A critical part of this program is the cohort experience and as such each cohort experience is limited to those participants. You will have an opportunity in your application to indicate the cohort in which you will be able to fully and consistently engage.

Does it benefit me to specify a cohort or to be flexible? The greater flexibility you can provide the more opportunities the selection committee will have to accommodate you in one of the classes. 

Will there be homework? Yes. There is a small amount of homework during and before each session including time spent with a one-on-one coach.

I see a letter of support is needed from a supervisor or manager. I am the Town/County Manager. Do I still need to provide a letter?  We require a letter of support for every applicant. If you are the top manager in your county or municipality, please submit a letter from a board member, council member or a mentor - someone who can speak to your qualifications.

Do I have to stay at the hotel?  No. It is, however, strongly encouraged that participants reserve rooms within the hotel block. It provides for networking opportunities. It is also important to note that transportation to evening events will be provided to and from the hotel noted on the course website.