Parking Alert: South Road Construction

Partial road barriers have been placed at the intersection of South Road and Country Club Road due to a summer construction project. The School’s parking deck is open and accessible from South Road for the duration of the project by driving between the two barriers and entering the parking gate immediately on the left.


North Carolina Judicial College

Autism and the Criminal Justice System

In 2008, the General Assembly provided funding to the TEACCH Autism Program (TEACCH) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical School to develop this "video to raise awareness of autism for those involved in government and public service, including information on recognizing the signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorders, and contacts for further information on appropriate responses to individuals with autism." See NC Session Law 2008-83. TEACCH was assisted by the UNC School of Government and the Autism Society of North Carolina in the development of the video. The video is reproduced here with permission of TEACCH.

Launch Video

The video was produced by Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC. Copies are available from the company for a modest charge. Internet Explorer Recommended.
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