Public Defense Education

2021 Spring Public Defender Attorney Track

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Secondary Trauma/Mental Health [Subs. Abuse/Mental Health]

Effective Pretrial Release Strategies and Litigation

IDS and Public Defender Update

60 Tech Tips in 60 Minutes 

Criminal Case and Legislative Update



Felony Track

Rule 702 Update

Federal Concerns for State Defenders

Self-Defense Strategies

NGHI Hearings

Drug Analysis Lab Reports 101

Capacity Update


Misdemeanor Track

Closing Arguments

Defending DWI Blood Cases

WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS A SIX HUNDRED-POUND MAN DOING ON AN 80 FOOT LADDER? Bringing the Magic of Story to the Courtroom

Evidence Refresher

Top Ten Probation Tips

Cannabis and NC Law Update

Juvenile Track

E.M. and its progeny: What does it all mean? 

Immigration and Collateral Consequences



Criminal Law Jeopardy

Expunction Update

Ethical Considerations in Working with Younger Clients