School of Government Office Hours

This informal and interactive conference call offers local government officials the opportunity to talk directly with a variety of School of Government faculty members on a variety of topics. The format is more conversation than lecture. Your questions will guide the discussion, so please be ready to ask questions. Participating faculty will be happy to answer questions relating to any of the areas of local government law in which they practice.  


Upcoming Sessions: 


November 27, 2018 | 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Participating Faculty: Frayda S. Bluestein, Gregory S. Allison, Aimee N. Wall, and Christopher B. McLaughlin 

Topics: Animal Services Law, Cash Management and Investments, Conflicts of Interest, Consolidated Human Services Agencies, County and Municipal Finance, Ethics in Government, Fire Tax Districts, Government Contracts, Governmental Accounting and Reporting, Local Government Contracting, Municipal Annexation, Occupancy Tax, Open Meetings, Property Tax Law, Public Records, Social Services Law (Boards and Directors, Public Assistance, Public Guardianship, Adult Services)



Registration/fee: No need to register. No fee. Follow the instructions below to log on and join the call. (Logging on with your computer will enable you to ask questions in the call.)

Log in details:

  1. Launch the web conference
  2. Enter your name (if watching with a group please add WITH GROUP), your email address, and your jurisdiction in the Company space
  3. Select "Join".
  4. Click on the link to join the audio conference (we recommend that you use a landline phone instead of a cell phone):
  • Option A: Select "Please call me" and enter the phone number where you are or
  • Option B: Select "I'm already dialed in" and then dial 1-800-920-7487 and enter 6867382# (dont forget the #) at the prompt. On your screen you will have a synchronization code that you will enter.
  • If you have a question or want to make a comment, select the chat bubble and enter your question. If you have asked to speak, the faculty host will unmute your phone line and allow you to ask your question. 
  • Participant Star Commands

    • Press *4 to increase/decrease the volume
    Public Officials - Local and State Government Roles