Budget-Balancing Tactics in Local Government Webinar (Webinar On-Demand)


North Carolina local governments will face tough times balancing their budgets this spring. In this webinar, orginally broadcast on March 5th, speakers Professor David Ammons and Trevor Fleck from the School of Government share recent survey results on how other leaders are handling budget cuts. The information shared draws on news reports from across the country and survey findings from NC local governments. The webinar will offer many cost cutting strategies such as hiring freezes, delayed facility improvement and retirements incentives as well as tactics for enhancing revenues.
Topics discussed include:

• hiring freezes
• delayed facility and infrastructure maintenance
• across-the-board cuts in departmental budgets
• service cutbacks
• purchasing and travel restrictions
• equipment cutbacks, employee position reductions
• furloughs, retirement incentives, and more


City/county elected officials, managers, department heads, finance officers, and budget officers



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Course materials

The related publication, Budget-Balancing Tactics in Local Government by David Ammons and Trevor Fleck, is available for purchase or as a view-only PDF by clicking here.

Teaching methods

Webinar panel discussion with a question and answer session


1.5 Hours



Online information

This webinar was originally broadcast live over the Internet on March 5, 2010. The on-demand version is available for purchase.

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