Public Law for the Public's Lawyers

The course Public Law for the Public's Lawyers (PLPL) addresses issues relevant to attorneys who work in state government.

Topics this year include the following: 

Essentials of Municipal Government and LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials


After the November elections, UNC School of Government and the North Carolina League of Municipalities jointly hold a two-day conference in five locations across the state for newly elected officials, veteran elected officials and their managers. 

During the two-day Essentials of Municipal Government, we also offer a one-day LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials. This LeaderShop is open to both county and municipal veteran elected officials and their managers. This year's topic is: Leading Change.







County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 (Hard Copy Format)

This reference book on North Carolina county and municipal government provides a comprehensive treatment of the legal foundations, organization, and the administration of the state's counties and cities. This book describes the legal framework and common administrative practices that are currently in use and explains what counties and cities in North Carolina do, and how they do it.