A Legal Guide to Construction Contracting with North Carolina Local Governments, Fifth Edition, 2014

For North Carolina local governments and private sector contractors, architects, engineers, and others interested in the legal requirements for local government construction and professional design services contracting, this loose-leaf book provides the guidance you need. Each chapter provides a summary of the legal requirements for various aspects of the construction contracting process, and every topic is accompanied by frequently asked questions and answers.

County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 (Hard Copy Format)

This reference book on North Carolina county and municipal government provides a comprehensive treatment of the legal foundations, organization, and the administration of the state's counties and cities. This book describes the legal framework and common administrative practices that are currently in use and explains what counties and cities in North Carolina do, and how they do it.

Subdivision Practice

This intermediate course will be 3 days and explore the authority, policies, and administration of subdivision regulation. Offered annually in the spring, this course will address plat reviews, site plan reviews, exactions and provision of infrastructure.

This course is intended primarily for intermediate staff with responsibilities, for drafting and administering subdivision ordinances and plat reviews, as well as related practitioners.