North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions are samples of instructions to be read by judges to juries, depending upon the relevant law and facts of a particular case at hand. They are compiled throughout the year by The Pattern Jury Instruction Committee, made up of eleven superior court judges. The Committee consists of two subcommittees that meet monthly from August through June. One subcommittee creates instructions for civil court and the other creates instructions for criminal court. At each meeting, the subcommittees review instructions they think need to be updated because the law has changed, or decide that a new instruction should be drafted to cover a previously uncovered area of the law. When the Committee finishes a new instruction or revises an existing instruction, they set these instructions aside to be part of entire packages that are published and distributed as supplements in June of each year. The Committee may identify new or updated instructions that are too important to wait until June to distribute as part of the annual, hard copy supplements. Interim Instructions will be posted on this School of Government website. They will remain posted to the site until hard copy supplements that will include these instructions are available. Interim Instructions Listserv: You may check this site periodically for Interim Instructions or join the Pattern Jury Interim Instructions Listserv to receive notification when Interim Instructions are posted.

Use of “victim” language in Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions, 10/15/2013