County and Municipal Government

County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 provides a comprehensive look at the foundations, legal authority, organization, and administration of the state’s counties and cities. Chapters are written by School of Government faculty members and other experts in North Carolina local government.
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Local Government Basics

  1. An Overview of Local Government
  2. Incorporation, Annexation, and City-County Consolidation
  3. County and City Governing Boards
  4. County and City Managers
  5. General Ordinance Authority
  6. Civil Liability of the Local Government and Its Officials and Employees
  7. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

Transparency, Collaboration, and Citizen Involvement

  1. Public Records
  2. Open Meetings and Other Legal Requirements for Local Government Boards
  3. Citizen Involvement
  4. Interlocal Cooperation, Shared Services, and Regional Councils
  5. Local Government and Nonprofit Organizations


  1. Public Employment Law
  2. The Attorney and the Clerk
  3. Local Government Information Technology
  4. Performance Measurement: A Tool for Accountability and Performance Improvement


  1. Revenues
  2. An Introduction to Revenue Forecasting
  3. The Property Tax
  4. Budgeting for Operating and Capital Expenditures
  5. Financing Capital Projects
  6. Accounting, Fiscal Control, and Cash Management

Contracting and Property Transactions

  1. Public Contracts, Competitive Bidding Requirements, and Property Disposal
  2. Eminent Domain

Planning, Development Regulation, Community and Economic Development

  1. Community Planning, Land Use, and Development
  2. Community Development and Affordable Housing
  3. Economic Development

Local Government Services and Enterprises

  1. Law Enforcement
  2. Fire Services
  3. Public Enterprises
  4. Solid Waste Services
  5. Transportation: Streets, Parking, Public Transportation, and Airports
  6. Animal Control
  7. Emergency Management
  8. Public Library Services
  9. Parks and Recreation
  10. Alcoholic Beverage Control

Human Services and Other County Functions

  1. Public Health
  2. Social Services
  3. Mental Health Services
  4. The County Jail
  5. The Courts
  6. Registers of Deeds
  7. Elections


  1. The Governance and Funding Structure of North Carolina Public Schools
  2. Community Colleges