The Local Government Purchasing and Contracting microsite provides information and resources about local government contracting, including competitive bidding and other legal requirements for purchasing and construction contracting. Legal resources, sample forms, tools, and publications are available at the links in the left-hand menu of this page. For information about CLGPO Certification for North Carolina local and state purchasing professionals, see our Organizations and Certifications page.

*2014 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE is now available on the Legislative Updates page.  Also on this page are legislative updates from previous sessions, including an outline of the contracting process for the recently authorized design-build construction delivery method and E-Verify FAQs (the E-Verify FAQ's has been updated to reflect 2014 legislative changes).

**PLAN YOUR 2015 SCHEDULE NOW!  SOG purchasing course dates for 2015 are available under the "Courses" tab on this page.  Mark your calendars now!  Announcements about registration will be sent a few months prior to the course date.

*CLGPO APPLICATION DEADLINE:  The deadline for CLGPO Certification applications (including application to take the CLGPO examination at the 2014 CAGP Spring Conference) is December 1, 2014. Information on CLGPO certification requirements and application forms is available under the "Organizations and Certifications" link on the left-hand menu of this page.  Applications must be submitted in pdf form to Norma Houston at