Below are links to specific North Carolina General Statutes (from the General Assembly's website) that relate to local government purchasing and contracting.

Note that the statutes are usually updated several months after the close of the most recent legislative session, so the version available may not reflect the most recent changes to the statutes. You can find a list of statutes affected by the most recent legislative statutes on the Statutes page of the North Carolina General Assembly’s web site, here.

Competitive bidding statutes and requirements for (1) contracts to purchase apparatus, supplies, materials or equipment, and (2) contracts for construction or repair work:

Guaranteed energy savings contracts (GESC):

"Mini-Brooks Act" - Procurement of design services (architectural, engineering, surveying, and construction management at risk services):

Additional requirements for construction and repair contracts:

Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act (including the pre-audit requirement in G.S. 159-28):

Uniform Commercial Code:

Disposal of surplus property:

Conflicts of Interest / Gifts and Favors:

Community development contracting statutes:

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