Publication Sales

The School of Government publishes books, bulletins, and reports for North Carolina public officials and citizens.

Since October 2017, we sell our publications online through our website via our distribution partner, UNC Press with Longleaf Services.

To order a book, visit the Publications section of this website or call UNC Press/Longleaf Services at 800.848.6224.

For eBook issues, please contact Tom Franklin at 919.962.4196 or e-mail


Examination Copies

The School of Government is happy to provide examination copies to instructors interested in using our publications. You may request copies through our partner, UNC Press.

Print Examination Copies
Please submit your request on departmental letterhead and tell us:

  • The name of the course
  • Anticipated enrollment
  • Semester when it will be taught
  • Your office telephone number and email address

As an alternative, you may download the Exam Copy Order Form (PDF) to use for submission. Please limit your requests to three titles per semester. In order to keep your payment information secure, we cannot process examination copy requests via email or phone.

xam copies of books priced under $30 are available to course instructors for $6.00. Exam copies of books priced at $30 and higher are sold at a 50 percent discount, with free shipping (please include your local sales tax). Prepayment is required.

Where to Send Your Request
University of North Carolina Press
Dino Battista / Exam Copy Request
116 S. Boundary Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808

For more information, please contact John McLeod at 919.962.8419


Accessible Text Policy

The School of Government makes an effort to provide accessible texts in alternative formats to those who ask for them.

UNC Students
The School works with the Accessibility Resources and Service Office at UNC-Chapel Hill to provide texts in alternative formats to UNC students. Students should contact ARS for assistance.

Other Colleges and Universities
The School works with accessibility offices and libraries at other colleges and universities to provide texts in alternative formats for their students.

The School also works with employers looking to fulfill requests for texts in alternative formats to meet the needs of employees with documented disabilities. Proof of purchase is required.

The School will make an effort to provide electronic files if they are available or a copy of a book if it is available to convert into the format needed. If files or copies of a book are not available, the School will provide permission to convert a book into the required format. In using the electronic files provided by the School of Government, students, accessibility offices, employers, and employees have only the right to use the electronic files for the purposes set forth in specific requests and must abide by the Copyright Law of the United States of America, as amended (17 U.S.C. Sec 101 et seq.).

For more information or to request a text in an alternative format, please contact Sonja Matanovic at 919.966.4178 or