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Terminology Guide: Learn More About the Website's Menus


This menu provides information about the mission and history of the School of Government, access to bios of faculty and staff, and important logistical information such as the events calendar and driving directions.

"Public Officials"

This menu allows you to browse our courses, publications, and content based on a job function or "role." Content is tagged by role to allow for quick searching.


This menu allows you to browse our content by general interest areas and sub-topics.


This menu allows you to browse all courses that are offered by the School of Government. You can filter by format, role, topic, and instructor and sort by date or alpha order.

- Upcoming Courses

This menu item allows you to quickly browse all upcoming courses and can be filtered by role, topic, or instructor. You can register for an available course with only a few clicks.

- Online Modules

This option connects you to all of our self-paced online modules. These modules are typically between 25-30 minutes in length and can be watched on your laptop or desktop at your own pace. Some modules are provided free of charge and others require purchase; links for download or purchase are indicated.

- Webinars

This menu item allows you to browse upcoming, live, and on-demand webinars. Webinars typically run 90 minutes in length and include audience polling and question-and-answer sessions.

- Webinar Series

This menu item allows you to browse webinars grouped by topic and available for purchase as a bundle. 


This menu item allows you to browse all School of Government publications including books, book chapter, bulletins, and reports. You can also filter publications by type, role, topic, or author and sort by publication date and alpha order.


From this menu you can browse all School of Government blogs featuring timely analysis written by faculty, staff, and other experts.


This menu connects you to in-depth information through "microsites," tools, mobile apps, and listservs and is a starting point for the many services offered through the School of Government's centers.

- Microsites

A microsite is a small cluster of related web pages within the School of Government website on a specific topic such as "Animal Control Law" or "Forms of North Carolina City Government." Each microsite comprises a landing page—or microsite home page—a menu, and related information such as courses and faculty.


From this menu you can access information about the School of Government's Master of Public Administration program, offered in two formats — on-campus and online.


This menu connects you to the School of Government Foundation where you can learn more about the many ways to support the School.

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