The Local Government Purchasing and Contracting microsite provides information and resources about local government contracting, including competitive bidding and other legal requirements for purchasing and construction contracting as well as property disposal. Legal resources, sample forms, tools, and publications are available at the links in the right-hand menu of this page. For information about CLGPO Certification for North Carolina purchasing professionals, see our Certifications and Organizations page.

2020 PURCHASING COURSES:  Dates for SOG purchasing courses are available under the "Courses" tab.  All four courses are required for CLGPO Certification. To sign up for an email notification when registration opens, click on the name of the course and, on the course page, click on the sentence immediately below the course title that reads "Click here to sign up to receive a notification when registration is available for this course."  Enter your email address and you're all set!  

UNIFORM GUIDANCE FEDERAL PROCUREMENT REQUIREMENTS: Information about the Uniform Guidance federal procurement requirements (which became effective for local governments in our state on July 1, 2018) is available on the Uniform Guidance Procurement Requirements page under "Resources." 

FEMA PROCUREMENT GUIDANCE: Information about procurement requirements for FEMA Public Assistance reimbursment for expenses incured during a Presidentially declared disaster is available on the SOG's Emergency Management website under "Hurricane Florence Information."  Also available on our emergency management website are sample documents such as debris RFPs contracts and local state of emergency declarations, and other local emergency management resources.

LEGISLATIVE SUMMARIES: The 2019 Legislative Summary is now available on the Legislative Updates page. Summaries from previous legislative sessions are also available on the Legislative Updates page.

CLGPO APPLICATION DEADLINE: The deadline for CLGPO Certification, Recertification, and Lifetime Certification applications (including application to take the CLGPO examination in 2021) is November 1, 2020.  Details regarding the 2021 CLGPO Exam will be released in the coming days.  Information on CLGPO certification requirements and application forms is available under the "Certifications and Organizations" link on the right-hand menu of this page.  Applications must be submitted by the deadline in pdf form to Connor Crews at


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