Course Cancellation - Evaluating Manager and Board Performance

Evaluating Manager and Board Performance - originally scheduled Feb. 21, 2020 in Kernersville - has been cancelled due to threat of inclement weather. 

  • Public Contract Tools
    • Public Contracts Legal Checklist (pdf)
  • Purchasing Tools
    • Charts on Bidding Laws and Local Policies:
      • Dollar Threshold Bidding Chart (pdf)  
      • Purchase contracts (pdf)
      • Construction and repair contracts (not involving buildings) (pdf)
      • Building construction and repair contracts (pdf)
    • Competitive Bidding Exceptions Table (pdf)
    • Awarding Competitively Bid Contracts Flowchart (pdf)
    • Drafting better bid solicitation documents
      • Checklist (pdf)
      • Principles (pdf)
  •  Construction Contracting Tools
    • Construction Contracting Legal Requirements (pdf
    • Design-Build Contracting Requirements (pdf
    • Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts: Step-by-Step Contracting Process (pdf)
  • Conflicts of Interest Tools
    • Conflicts of interest in public contracting flowchart (G.S. 14-234) (pdf)
    • Conflicts of interest voting guide for city and county elected officials (pdf)
    • Gifts and Favors flowchart (GS 133-32) (pdf)
  • Property Disposal Tools 
    • Disposal of property procedures chart (pdf)
    • Property disposal options chart (pdf)
    • Property disposal options for community and economic development (pdf)
  • Public Records Tools
    • When Are Bids and Proposals Subject to Public Inspection?  LGLB119 (pdf)
  • General Tools 
    • Decoding case and statute citations (pdf)

Please contact Norma Houston with any questions, suggestions, or comments about these Tools (or with any ideas for additional tools).

Topics - Courts and Judicial Administration