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Charles Szypszak

Albert Coates Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government

Charles Szypszak joined the School of Government in 2005. Prior to that, he was a director of a general practice firm in New Hampshire, where he provided counsel and advocacy for real estate and business matters. He provides counsel to state, national, and international institutions, organizations, and public officials on real property registration and conveyance laws. In the School's master of public administration program, he teaches the introduction to law course and an elective on military leadership and public service, and he teaches an introduction to legal thinking course in the University’s undergraduate curriculum. He also teaches internationally, including in Poland and Lithuania, twice on a Fulbright award. He has been awarded the University’s J. Carlysle Sitterson Freshman Teaching Award and the School’s Albert and Gladys Hall Coates Teaching Excellence Award. He was an adjunct professor of law at Franklin Pierce Law Center, a law clerk for Circuit Judge Hugh Bownes on the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and a captain in the US Marine Corps. Szypszak earned a B.A. from the University of Southern California, an M.A. from San Diego State University, and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Selected Publications

Szypszak, Charles. 2009. Understanding Law for Public Administration. Jones & Bartlett.

Szypszak, Charles. 2016. Military Leadership Lessons for Public Service. McFarland & Co.

Szypszak, Charles. 2016. North Carolina Guidebook for Registers of Deeds. Chapel Hill, NC. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government.

Szypszak, Charles, 2019. The Law of Municipal Streets and Utility Easements in North. Chapel Hill, NC. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government.

Roscoe, Emily, and Szypszak, Charles. “Privacy and Public Real Estate Records: Preserving Legacy System Reliability Against Modern Threats.” The Urban Lawyer 49, no. 3 (2017): 355-9. 

Szypszak, Charles (2015) “Socratic Method for the Right Reasons and in the Right Way: Lessons from Teaching Legal Analysis Beyond the American Law School,” Journal of Political Science Education, 11:3, 358-369.


Additional Publications


Real Estate and North Carolina Law: A Resident’s Primer (School of Government, UNC-Chapel Hill 2012)

Eminent Domain for North Carolina Local Governments, Law and Practice (School of Government, UNC-Chapel Hill 2008)

Real Estate (NH Practice Series) (LexisNexis, 2003 and annual supplements)


Local Government Registers of Deeds and the Enduring Reliance on Common Sense Judgment in a Technocratic Tide, 44 Real Estate Law Journal 351 (2015)

Property Rights, Public Records, and Risk of Loss in the United States Real Estate Recording System, 14 Ukrainian Commercial Law 88 (2015)

Teaching Law in Public Affairs Education: Synthesizing Political Theory, Decision Making, and Responsibility, 17 Journal of Public Affairs Education 483 (2011)

Just Compensation, Claims for Lost Business Profits, and Income Valuation of Real Property, Journal of the Polish Real Estate Scientific Society 81 (2010)

Ten Common Misconceptions about Eminent Domain, 71 Popular Government 43 (2009)

Real Estate Records, the Captive Public, and Opportunities for the Public Good, 43 Gonzaga Law Review 5 (2008)

North Carolina’s Real Estate Recording Laws: The Ghost of 1885, 28 North Carolina Central Law Journal 199 (2006)

Public Registries and Private Solutions: An Evolving American Real Estate Conveyance Regime, 24 Whittier Law Review 663 (2003)

Beyond the Rule of Law, 45 New Hampshire Bar Journal (Winter 2005), at 46

Property Law Reform in Russia, 44 New Hampshire Bar Journal (June 2003), at 13

Trying the Real Estate Case, 14 Practical Real Estate Lawyer 69 (1998)

Uncertainty in War and Litigation, Trial Magazine (May 1996), at 73

The Protection, Salvage, and Preservation of Underwater Cultural Resources in the Chesapeake Bay, 4 Virginia Journal of Natural Resources Law 373 (1985)


Fields of Expertise
Real Property Law
public law
Teaching Pedagogy
Eminent Domain
Local Government Property Transactions
Marriage Law
Property Mapping
Real Estate Law
Registers of Deeds
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