Celebrating 10 Years of the Development Finance Initiative

A series of buildings under construction in a metropolitan area.

The School of Government is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Development Finance Initiative in 2021. Please watch this special video message to learn more about DFI's mission, history, and impact on the state.

DFI partners with local governments to help them attract private investment for transformative projects in their communities and counties. To date, DFI has worked on more than 200 projects across North Carolina. Of the more than one billion dollars in private investment that DFI projects have seen, more than half of that was secured directly by DFI, and the remainder was ushered in by local government clients after DFI provided analysis and capacity building. DFI’s work has been supported from the beginning by our partners at Local Government Federal Credit Union. We remain grateful for their investment in our state’s communities.

To learn more about DFI, visit dfi.sog.unc.edu.