Community Challenges and Opportunities: A Carolina Across 100 Survey

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The following letter from UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and School of Government faculty member Anita Brown-Graham was sent out to civic leaders and public officials across the state on September 7, 2021. The School of Government encourages anyone visiting this page to take the survey by September 17, 2021. Thank you for your participation.

Dear colleagues, partners, friends and community stakeholders, 

We are writing to ask for your participation in the Carolina Across 100 Community Listening Survey. This survey is brief, just 10 minutes, but the impact from the information we gather will be invaluable to the way we implement this important new initiative. 

Please click here to share your input and insights by September 17. We would like to hear from you about the opportunities and challenges facing your community and how COVID-19 has impacted those issues.  

As you may already know, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill launched the Carolina Across 100 Initiative to support communities in each of our state’s 100 counties as we all recover from the prolonged wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this five-year initiative, the University will bring together a series of community cohorts, consisting of 20–25 community teams representing the business, public, and nonprofit sectors that engage in cross-sector work to address common pressing issues.   

This campus has always taken seriously our opportunity to partner with communities across our state to contribute to, and learn from, on-the-ground expertise. While we will forever continue to engage in activities that further strengthen our partnerships, this is an important time to step up to the responsibility of a shared recovery. We want to hear from you about how we can best do that.  

The ncIMPACT Initiative at the UNC School of Government is managing the day-to-day work of Carolina Across 100 and the team looks forward to hearing from you about what more this University could be doing to expand on existing opportunities, and create new ones, for impact through partnership.   

Please share this email and survey link with others and please reach out to Anita Brown-Graham at if you have any questions, comments, or would like more information. We look forward to hearing from you by Friday, September 17th

With deep appreciation,  

Kevin Guskiewicz

Chancellor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Anita R. Brown-Graham

Director, ncIMPACT Initiative