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Do You Know How to Read a Bill?

North Carolina General Assembly

The School of Government has created a new e-learning module, "Exploring North Carolina's Legislative Process: How to Read a Bill," the first in a series of modules about the legislature. This interactive training explains what a bill is, including an overview of the different types of bills that might be introduced; the different components of a bill; how to understand what a bill is actually doing; how a bill can be changed; and how to find a bill and related law on the North Carolina General Assembly website.

"How to Read a Bill," created by School faculty and staff members Aimee Wall, Christine Wunsche, Dave Brown, and Norma Houston, together with the IT team, is intended to provide some of the tools users may need to decode and understand the content of a bill that is being considered by or has been enacted by the legislature. The module is available free of charge.


Published February 23, 2017