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Faculty Member Maureen Berner Blogs About Food Insecurity for Harvard Law and Policy Review

What if we could tackle childhood hunger, develop local businesses, and create community jobs in the summer at the same time? There are millions of dollars in local food system sales being left on table and millions of children who could be served by an established program, if we can only figure out a local meal distribution system that works.

Although federal funding exists for summer food programs, many places throughout North Carolina do not have the infrastructure to administer such programs. 

In a blog post for the Harvard Law and Policy Review, faculty member Maureen Berner proposes innovative ideas for reframing the problem as one of economic development. Citing intergovernmental collaboration as one possibility for addressing the vexing problems of transportation, available kitchens, staffing, and other barriers, she suggests a “win-win-win” for local government, private industry, and nonprofit organizations that work together to develop much-needed solutions to feeding hungry children over the months they are not in school.


Published on December 29, 2015