Faculty Member Maureen Berner Lectures in Slovenia

Faculty member Maureen Berner delivered two lectures at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, to graduate students in the Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development program (Master CoDe) on February 27 and 28. Topics covered included issues of intergovernmental and nonprofit relations (using food assistance as the case study) and the diversity and disparity in programs, politics, and the criminal justice system.

The students come from Ethopia, Canada, Great Britain, and other countries to earn a masters in comparative local development. It is a competitive program; in 2016, more than 200 students from around the world competed for just 10 scholarship spots. The students spend one semester in Slovenia, one in Hungary, one in Germany, and one doing an internship in various locations (including UNC-Chapel Hill, their only US partner institution).

Maureen Berner Lectures in SloveniaThe Master CoDe program coordinator Miro Haček and teacher tutor Simona Kukovič of the University of Ljubljana (shown left with Maureen Berner at the School of Govenrment) UNC-Chapel Hill in late March in order to learn more about local government administration and leadership—their areas of speciality in Slovenia—in the United States and how the School works with public officials on professional development. On March 29, Haček and Kukovič presented "Working to Improve the Administrative Capacity of Municipalities: Developing a Gold Standard in Slovenia" to School faculty and others. They also teach in the European Union version of the School's Master of Public Administration program, which focuses on local and regional economic development. 


Published March 30, 2017