PMRC 2019 Kicks Off in Chapel Hill


On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, the PMRA (Public Management Research Association) will kick off its annual Public Management Research Conference (PMRC). Featuring cutting-edge management research from around the world, this year’s PMRC will begin with pre-conference sessions and workshops. Throughout the week, presenters and participants will explore the latest research on emerging issues of public management and governance in various seminars, workshops, and discussions. PMRC will conclude on Friday, June 14.

Described as “the foremost gathering of public management experts in the world,” the event is hosted by the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As the nation’s largest university-based local government training, advisory, and research organization, the School serves more than 12,000 public officials annually. The 2019 host committee at is made up of School of Government faculty:

•    Leisha DeHart-Davis, Professor of Public Administration and Government, Committee Chair
•    Whitney Afonso, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government
•    Willow Jacobson, Albert and Gladys Hall Coates Distinguished Term Professor for Teaching Excellence, Professor of Public Administration and Government, and Director, LGFCU Fellows Program
•    Rick Morse, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government
•    Bill Rivenbark, Professor, Professor of Public Administration and Government and MPA Program Director

Overall, the PMRA seeks to improve public governance by furthering research on public organizations and how they are managed. The PMRA’s definition of public organizations includes various government jurisdictions; nonprofit and private organizations contracting with governments; and nonprofit, corporate, and other institutions engaged in public projects or activities.

PMRA advances research by organizing and sponsoring conferences and symposia throughout the year. This year’s PMRC is PRMA’s annual keystone event. For more details on the PMRC 2019, visit