Rebecca Badgett Adds Grants Management Expertise to School Faculty Ranks

After serving five years as a research attorney and legal educator with the UNC School of Government, Rebecca Badgett has joined the School’s faculty as a teaching assistant professor.

Badgett will provide critical advising for local governments on grants management with a focus on the federal Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements. This work will include assisting local governments in establishing financial and internal controls, policies, and procedures to manage grant funds in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. She will also help units identify federal and state grant opportunities. Badgett has developed expertise in short-term rental regulations and will continue to provide advising for local governments in this area.

Grant funding is a key area of opportunity for local governments and can provide valuable resources to carry out projects or services that would otherwise not be possible. However, the legal process surrounding grants management can be daunting for many units. Badgett hopes her work will empower more North Carolina jurisdictions to pursue these opportunities.

“I’m excited that the School has added grants management to the list of topics we cover,” Badgett said. “I think many units are hesitant to apply for grants because they are unsure of how to navigate the grants process and comply with governing laws and regulations. If I can help make the grants management process more accessible to local governments, I am hopeful that they will start to apply for more grant funding and then use those funds to directly benefit local residents.”

Because Badgett’s role is entirely new within the School, she will develop courses in her areas of expertise to benefit clients. She is already at work planning education to benefit local officials in these fields.

“I am hoping to offer Uniform Guidance ‘bootcamps’ that focus on compliance with various provisions of the Uniform Guidance,” Badgett said. “I also plan to teach a course on internal controls and financial management systems for grants within the next six or seven months.”

A diverse range of clients have benefitted from Badgett’s work since she arrived at the School in 2017. She has assisted with complex teaching, advising, and research needs within the Law and Finance division. Most recently, Badgett has been a critical contributor to the School’s work related to the American Rescue Plan. She will continue this work by creating additional content for the School’s ARPA website and assisting faculty member Kara Millonzi with ongoing weekly office hours related to the act.

Badgett also plans to continue her central role in administering the Lead for North Carolina (LFNC) program. She organizes the two-week LFNC Summer Academy and teaches a variety of classes to the fellows both during the Summer Academy and throughout the fellowship program.

Badgett earned a J.D. from North Carolina Central University and holds a master’s degree in teaching from UNC-Wilmington. Prior to joining the School of Government, she clerked for the North Carolina Court of Appeals.