School of Government to Host Criminal Justice Summit

The UNC School of Government will host North Carolina's first Criminal Justice Summit on March 15, 2019 at the Carolina Club in Chapel Hill. National and state experts with broad-ranging ideological perspectives will discuss key issues capturing attention in North Carolina and around the nation: bail reform; overcriminalization; and barriers to re-entry, including fines and fees and the criminal record and collateral consequences.

The summit, spearheaded by School faculty member Jessica Smith and supported by the Charles Koch Foundation, will explore how these issues impact justice, public safety, and economic prosperity in North Carolina, and whether there is common ground to address them.

National presenters include Vikrant Reddy, Charles Koch Institute; Nathan Pysno, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Marc Levin, Right on Crime; Eric Halperin, Civil Rights Corps; and Joanna Weiss, Fines and Fees Justice Center. State presenters include district attorneys, public defenders, and representatives from Conservatives for Criminal Justice Reform, ACLU of North Carolina, North Carolina Justice Center, and North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

To apply to attend, register online.