School of Government's COVID-19 Webinar Attracts Nearly 2,000 Local Government Officials

School faculty members record COVID-19 Webinar for Local Government Officials

School faculty members Diane Juffras, Jill Moore, Norma Houston, and Christopher McLaughlin hosted two two-hour live webinars on Wednesday, March 18 to address legal questions and share critical resources for North Carolina local governments combatting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, more than 1,800 county and municipal officials from 56 of North Carolina’s 100 counties tuned in to discuss how they can best help their communities during this time.

The group discussed the disease, public health measures to prevent it, reporting requirements for agencies, emergency management authority, employee monitoring from home, quarantine, isolation, and more. In addition, the faculty members conducted a live question-and-answer session for webinar attendees to have the opportunity to ask further questions about how to respond to the crisis.

The University published an interview with School faculty members about the importance of local government in public health emergencies, which can be viewed here. The entire webinar is available to be viewed on-demand, free of charge. A future webinar on the topic is being considered by faculty members.

To view more of the School’s continuously updating COVID-19 resources, please visit the School’s microsite