School Launches Podcast Exploring NC Court System

Beyond the Bench podcast

The School of Government has launched “Beyond the Bench,” an interview-based podcast about the North Carolina legal system. Guests on the show include judges, lawyers, professors, and citizens who have participated in court proceedings. Some interviews focus on guests’ personal experiences and opinions while others explore discrete legal issues. 

The podcast is organized by season, with each season focused on a particular type of case. Season one focuses on criminal law and is hosted by faculty member Jeff Welty, director of the North Carolina Judicial College at the School of Government.

“Beyond the Bench” is produced by the Judicial College and available on iTunes and Stitcher. It’s the brainchild of Program Manager and Producer Danielle Rivenbark, who is encouraging staff and faculty members to communicate about the impact of their work through this new medium. Ideas for podcast topics are welcome at


Published July 11, 2016