UNC School of Government Marks 90 Years in 2021

The number 90 with a banner overlay reading "anniversary"

The arrival of 2021 is particularly momentous for the UNC School of Government, which is proud to celebrate its 90th anniversary this calendar year.

Founded in 1931 by Albert and Gladys Coates, the Institute of Government was folded under the UNC-Chapel Hill banner in 1942 and became known as the School of Government in 2001. The institute was founded to bridge the gap between academic training and practical, job-related training for local officials.

Now in its 90th year of existence, the mission of the UNC School of Government remains constant: to improve the lives of North Carolinians by engaging in practical scholarship that helps public officials and citizens understand and improve state and local government. The School has built a legacy of trust through its core values, providing service that is nonpartisan, policy-neutral, and responsive.

The School has transformed the way local governments learn, work, and serve the state of North Carolina. Its faculty and staff have taught thousands of courses in Chapel Hill and across the state, published hundreds of practical resources, responded to countless emails and calls for assistance, and educated future leaders. In fiscal year 2020, the School: 

  • taught 16,382 public officials in 241 courses; 

  • distributed 37,847 practical publications; 

  • responded to 12,307 advising requests. 

Above all, the School’s focus has remained on the people of North Carolina. United by service to the state, the School is proud to work hand-in-hand with public officials to better the lives of all residents of the state. 

While anniversaries are often used to reflect on achievements in the past, they are also an opportunity to look forward to what the future might bring. School of Government leadership, faculty, and staff are excited to continue exploring new and innovative ways to provide service and practical scholarship to the state’s officials.

As we ring in 2021, let us enter the next 90 years together, for North Carolina and beyond.