Building Positive Leadership Strategies

Too often, the public discourse seems to portray our world in absolute statements: black or white, right or wrong, either/or, you or me.  We approach challenging situations as deficits—not enough of this, no resources for that, blame for what went wrong.  This frame sets up a polarizing dynamic that leaves little opportunity for the discovery of common ground.

As leaders, what can we do to bring out the best in all of us and change the conversation to uncover new positive outcomes?  What can we do to protect and honor our own integrity while standing between opposing sides?   Finding solutions can require a shift in mindset. Taking a positive approach to problem solving yields effective results and taps our best potential. 

This one-day course uses current public sector scenarios to introduce you to the ideas behind Appreciative Inquiry. You will learn to notice and elicit positive emotions that, in turn, allow you to build on the experience and assets you have rather than those that are missing. You will change the way you think and enjoy the work you do along the way. 

The agenda allows time to apply this philosophy and process to your own situations.  For the hour following class, the instructors will be available to consult with those participants who wish to stay for an in-depth, open discussion about your specific circumstances. 




  • Hickory, NC
    July 20
    Western Piedmont Council of Governments
    1880 2nd Avenue NW
    Hickory, NC 28601
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