A Closer Look at Termination of Parental Rights

This new 2-day course focuses exclusively on termination of parental rights proceedings, both when there is and is not an underlying abuse, neglect, or dependency proceeding. The course will highlight procedural and substantive issues that often present in termination of parental rights cases and requirements for the court orders that are entered in these proceedings. There will be an emphasis on the recent North Carolina Supreme Court jurisprudence in this subject area. This interactive course provides judges with the opportunity to learn more about how to preside over these proceedings and to raise issues for further discussion with their peers.

This course is required for advanced child welfare certification. This course is available to any judge presiding over TPR proceedings; however, due to limited space, judges who have juvenile court certification and are seeking advanced child welfare certification will receive priority.

Please check the District Court Judges' microsite for additional trainings and resources.

Advanced Juvenile Certification in Child Welfare
CJE10.00 hrs
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