Public Leadership

Public Leadership List of Courses

Smart leaders know their learning is never over. To effectively lead our communities, our organizations, and ourselves, we need to consistently assess and refresh our leadership skills and mindset. A new set of one-day courses across the state will help you amplify the skills you have and put new leadership tactics into practice right away.

Courses include assessments, materials, and lunch. They are scheduled in cities across the state and designed to minimize travel time and overnight stays so you can attend and return home in one day.

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Many courses in this series benefit not just individuals, but entire teams. Talk to others in your organization and attend as a team. Members of groups of 5 or more can each receive 20% off of their registration fee. To take advantage of this discount please email or call 919.966.4144  

Courses that Focus on You

Before you can lead others, you must know yourself. Courses with a focus on YOU determine your strengths and opportunities to develop as a leader. Many of these courses contain assessments and one-on-one coaching to help you create new skills and thought processes to lead in all aspects of your life.

If you are new to leadership training these courses will help you clarify what you value and how that influences the way you conduct yourself and lead others.

Courses that Focus on Your Team

Courses with a focus on your TEAM prepare you for working directly within a group. Dynamics can change when there are multiple stakeholders involved, and a true leader knows how to navigate these situations. Explore topics like facilitation, group decision-making and conflict management as you learn the skills needed build and sustain high functioning teams.

Courses that Focus on Your Organization

Any member of an organization can be a leader, regardless of your designated role. Course work that focuses on your ORGANIZATION can offer guidance for leading large-scale change processes. From strategic planning to dealing with the media, these courses have a focus on vision and implementation, and help you apply practical leadership skills when your organization needs them most.

Courses that Focus on Your Community

Courses with a focus on your COMMUNITY help you apply leadership skills across a range of perspectives. These courses teach strategies that help you work across boundaries, communicate with different groups, and collaborate with others to make a difference in the community around you.