Essentials of Municipal Government and LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials

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After the November elections, UNC School of Government and the North Carolina League of Municipalities jointly hold a two-day conference in five locations across the state for newly elected officials, veteran elected officials and their managers. 

LEADERSHOP: During this two-day Essentials of Municipal Government, we also offer a one-day LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials. This LeaderShop is open to both county and municipal veteran elected officials and their managers. This year's topic is about leading change. Major economic, social and political forces are reshaping our state.  As a steward of the public trust it is your job to think strategically and help citizens plan for the future.  We also know the challenges are too complex for any one jurisdiction to solve so we are inviting city and county veteran elected officials to this workshop.

Last year, the NC League of Municipalities (NCLM) and the NC Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) conducted interviews with their members, legislators, and other partners as well as collected data about the issues and challenges facing North Carolina cities and counties. Please join us for the Veteran LeaderShop to learn about what these trends can mean for you and your community and how to develop strategies for leading change. 

 Below are the details of the 3 different registration options during this two day program. 

  1. Essentials of Municipal Government (both days): The first day focuses on newly elected officials, but entire boards and managers are encouraged to attend together. The second day is about working together as a board. Includes: Handbook for NC Mayors and Council Members, Days One and Two of Essentials, state-mandated ethics training, and Budgetopolis—a budget simulation
  2. LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials (1st day only): 2016 Topic: Leading Change. This program is open to both county and municipal veteran elected officials and their managers. Includes: the one day LeaderShop on Leading Change, and mandated ethics training. Does NOT include Day Two of Essentials, the Handbook for NC Mayors and Council Members, or the Budget Simulation 
  3. Combination Course (both days) LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials: Leading Change, PLUS Day two of Essentials of Municipal Government 
    This program is open to municipal veteran elected officials and managers. Day one is the Leadershop for Veteran Elected Officials: Leading Change. Day two in Essentials focuses on working together as a board. Includes: LeaderShop—Leading Change, Handbook for NC Mayors and Council Members, state-mandated ethics training, and Budgetopolis—a budget simulation

A note on ETHICS TRAINING: The Ethics session taught during the above conference satisfies the 2 hour state mandated Ethics Training for local elected officials. If you would like to see online opportunities to take the 2 hours of Ethics training, please click on the ethics training opportunities on the right side of this page. 

To Register and get hotel and meeting location information, click on the 5 offerings above.

Materials are located under the Materials tab. 


Public Officials - Local and State Government Roles
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Scholarship Information:

Through the generous support from our donors, scholarships for elected officials are available for EMG, LeaderShop and the Combined EMG and LeaderShop. You must already have registered for the course option before applying for a scholarship.

Scholarships are available for local government elected officials through the Local Elected Leaders Academy thanks to the generous contributions of our partners Food Lion, Prudential Financial, Freese and Nichols, and Local Government Federal Credit Union.
The Local Government Federal Credit Union offers scholarships to local government employees to apply towards tuition for conferences, classes, and seminars offered by the School of Government. There are five deadlines to submit applications: March 1, June 1, August 1, September 1 and December 1.
Continuing Education Additional Details: 

EMG or the Combination program is 18 LELA credits. The Veteran Workshop is 6 LELA credits. 

Faculty Coordinators

individual image for Gregory S. Allison
Senior Lecturer in Public Finance and Government; Secretary, School of Government Foundation Board of Directors
individual image for Lydian Altman
Director, Strategic Public Leadership Initiative
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Associate Dean for Faculty Development; David M. Lawrence Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government
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Albert and Gladys Coates Term Distinguished Lecturer for Teaching Excellence
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Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government
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Professor of Public Administration and Government and MPA Program Director
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Dean, School of Government; Professor of Public Law and Government; Executive Director, School of Government Foundation Board of Directors
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James E. Holshouser Jr. Distinguished Professor of Public Administration and Government

Course materials are being provided electronically and are all posted below. You may download the materials to your device and access them during the program. You do not need printed copies. 

LeaderShop 2016 Materials
Donna E. Warner, Lydian Altman
January, 2016

LeaderShop 2016 Materials

Agenda-LeaderShop.pdf (pdf, 72.66 KB)
Worksheets 01.07.16.pdf (pdf, 30.13 KB)
GOV_Mag_Dec15.pdf (pdf, 306.06 KB)
EMG 2016 Day One Materials
Vaughn M. Upshaw, Frayda S. Bluestein, Norma R. Houston
January, 2016
EMG 2016 Day Two Materials
Gregory S. Allison, William C. Rivenbark, Vaughn M. Upshaw, Lydian Altman
January, 2016

All Day Two materials are posted. There are no advanced materials for the Council-Manager Breakout or for Budgetopolis

EMG Agenda Day Two.pdf (pdf, 69.47 KB)
EMG and LeaderShop Additional Helpful Information
December, 2015

The resources below are designed to supplement the EMG and LeaderShop program. You do not have to print them. Rather it might be most helpful if you were to download these to a resource folder on your computer for future reference. 

CMG 01_Overview_of_LG.pdf (pdf, 637.74 KB)
CMG 07_Ethics.pdf (pdf, 601.04 KB)
CMG 08_PublicRecords.pdf (pdf, 497.41 KB)
CMG 04_Managers.pdf (pdf, 840.01 KB)
EMG and LeaderShop 2016 Program Evaluation
January, 2016
For questions regarding course details, please contact the program manager.

Faculty Coordinator

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Program Manager
For questions regarding course content, please contact the faculty coordinator.

Faculty Coordinators

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Lecturer in Public Administration and Government
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Director, Local Elected Leaders Academy
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