LELA 201: Evaluating Manager and Board Performance


Boards and managers work interdependently in leading and governing their communities. To work together successfully, both parties must have clear and common expectations about their respective roles and how they will be held accountable. Regular, constructive feedback is important to ensure that both parties do their part to meet community expectations. Participants who complete this program will learn how to develop a successful evaluation process and how to avoid the pitfalls common with board self-assessments and manager evaluations.


This focused, practical course is designed designed for municipal council members, county commissioners and managers. Other members of your governing team, including your clerk and attorney, are also encouraged to attend.

Program Topics:

  • Clarifying expectations for public managers and governing boards
  • Selecting and constructing evaluation tools for managers and boards
  • Planning and sequencing the evaluation process
  • Avoiding common pitfalls with performance evaluations


This is a LELA 201 level course in the Local Elected Leaders Academy. Elected officials earn 5 recognition credits for participating.

Members of Civic Federal Credit Union (Civic) and Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU), who are local government employees, are eligible to apply for a scholarship towards tuition for conferences, classes, and seminars offered by the School of Government. There are four deadlines to submit applications:

  • March 1 (for courses starting between April 1 and June 30)
  • June 1 (for courses starting between July 1 and September 30)
  • September 1 (for courses starting between October 1 and December 31)
  • December 1 (for courses starting between January 1 and March 31)

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners provides cost offsets for county elected officials to attend LELA courses. For information on this discount please click the link below.

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LELA5.00 hrs
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