Facilitation Skills for Successful Meetings

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This course will take place in person at the School of Government in Chapel Hill, NC from 9:00am-4:15pm

Lack of consensus. A few people dominate the discussion. Lots of idea, but no clear decisions made. There has to be a better way.

We’ve all left meetings that we don’t feel were the best use of our time. So what separates a good meeting from a bad one? Learning the skills of group facilitation will enable you to offer helpful guidance and improve the meeting process and outcome.

Whether you regularly facilitate or are just a frequent participant in group discussions, you can hone particular communication and leadership skills within the context of a meeting. This one-day course will give you tools for planning and guiding meetings so that everyone contributes and ideas are turned into clear agreements. Contribute to the success of your organization by creating a workplace environment that leverages the power of the group while driving toward a common goal.


Meet Your Instructors

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Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government


John Stephens


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Albert and Gladys Coates Distinguished Term Professor of the Practice in Public Leadership and Organizational Development, Director, Center for Public Leadership and Governance


Peg Carlson





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