Family Law for Judges

  • Chapel Hill, NC

These two courses are offered by the North Carolina Judicial College. They are intended for District Court Judges who are relatively new to domestic relations court, and who do not have substantial experience with family law matters. The objective of these classes is to allow participants to learn about the law relating to cases handled in domestic relations court in a small-group, interactive setting. To make this possible, attendance will be limited. More information about the course topics can be found on the agenda in the materials section.


Family Law for Judges: Part 1 will be offered May 7-9, 2025.  This course will cover the topics of equitable distribution, alimony, and agreements related to both. 


Family Law for Judges: Part 2 will be offered in July 2025. This course will cover the topics of child custody, child support and agreements related to both. 

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CJE14.25 hrs
  • Chapel Hill, NC
    May 7 - 9, 2025
    UNC School of Government
    400 South Road
    Knapp-Sanders Building
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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